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Also, check out these awesome websites:
Hey, Don't Judge Me
It's a really awesome website that has some amazing, well-written, and just all-around fun recaps of some TV shows (such as Walking Dead, Hoarders, Glee, Southland) and movies (such as Sherlock Holmes, Thor, X-Men, Captain America). Seriously, it's a great site. There's absolutely no reason why you shouldn't read everything there.

Penpal of the Week
Another really awesome website, managed by a sweet lady named Julie. It's dedicated (mostly) to penpals, letter writing, stationery, and all the cool things in between. If you're looking for a penpal, this is the place to go! There are penpal interviews, penpal ads, mail art, and quirk lists (those are always so interesting to read!). So check it out!

La Papierre
And this is the Etsy shop for Miss Julie. I have several sets of her stationery (Swirly Ivy, Chirp, and this great Octopus set, which seems to have been discontinued), and it's just fantastic!

It's a Giveaway Post!
E is for Elf
(This is not MY giveaway, but for the lovely Elizabeth 'Polyrhythm' Murray! Check it out!) 

Polyrillustration’s fourth birthday/100 FB-likes Moleskine giveaway!

So, I want to thank all of you lovely peeps for supporting me through thick, thin and just plain ol’ crazy. This October also marks the fourth year of Polyrillustration. This week I hit 106 likes on my Facebook page too, which is absolutely bloody fantastic, so I thought I’d do a giveaway to celebrate!

I do love to draw silly cartoons for people, but they do say that the best gifts are useful ones. So, a useful giveaway it is! Here, you have:

- One Moleskine Watercolour Sketchbook

- Two Moleskine Pocket-sized Notebooks (in red, my favourite colour)

- One Set of Moleskine Van Gogh Memo-Pockets (ditto)

- One Moleskine-brand Pen

- Five Greetings Cards featuring my artwork, one of each design (yeah, had to satisfy my ego somehow)

That’s approximately £40 of awesome, there, folks.

So, what can you do to win? Do one or more of the following.

ONE: Follow (via Google FriendConnect, see it in the sidebar)

TWO: Promote the giveaway in your own (non-Tumblr) blog.

THREE: Follow me on Tumblr (polyrillustration) and reblog this giveaway post.

FOUR: Promote the giveaway on Twitter.

FIVE: Like my Facebook page (if you haven’t already) and share the giveaway post on your own wall. Make sure your share is set to Public, or else there’ll be a chance I can’t see it.

The more you do, the more you have a chance of winning, however each method will only be counted once!

Let me know, either by e-mail (elizabeth[at] or on the Polyrillustration blog post which ones you’ve done and what your usernames are.

The closing date is 22nd October, 2012, so you have a month to enter.

Good luck!

Public Service Announcement
E is for Elf
Check it out, y'all! Pretty pictures! Pretty pictures! Pretty pictures! (Seriously, check it out!)

E is for Elf
Dear Co-Worker (I'm not 100% sure which one of you it is):


I'm going to start boobytrapping my food.

No love EVER,

Dear Internet Peoples:
E is for Elf
If you are trying to say you were crying really hard, you need to use the word "bawling" not "balling."

Thank you.

E is for Elf
What is the German word/phrase for "person who talks too much"?

101 in 1001: #59 "make a list of Things I Want to Do"
E is for Elf
visit California again
move away from Louisiana
get an Architect's License
get LEED certified
organize the bejeebus out of my current office

design an architecture office that works for architects
re-model my house
re-landscape my yard
visit Hawaii
visit Japan

visit Ireland
visit Germany
write a book
lose weight, get in shape, and stay that way
bake cookies from scratch

design and build my own house
make a sturdy cat tree
design and build new, matching, functional and comfortable furniture for the house
pet a big cat (tiger, lion, leopard, etc. doesn't really matter)
take an art class

visit all the museums in Louisiana
visit the cemeteries in New Orleans
visit all the restaurants in Alexandria and write a review
volunteer at the T.R.E.E.House Children's Museum
buy a new car in 2012

find or create a part-time job that I love

101 in 1001: #58 "make a list of Things I Have Done"
E is for Elf
studied karate
studied judo
taught a karate class
taught a mixed martial arts class
participated as a judge at a martial arts tournament

participated as a scorekeeper at a martial arts tournament
participated as a competitor at a martial arts tournament
competed at the United States Karate Alliance World Championships tournament
won a first place trophy at a martial arts tournament for kata (forms) [Mandeville 1996 for Keritsukiwaza]
won a third place trophy at the USKA World Championships tournament for kumite (sparring)

met someone in real life that I had met first on the internet
dated someone in real life that I had met first on the internet
married someone in real life that I had met first on the internet
had a friendship with someone for 15 years without having met them in real life
graduated high school

graduated college
worked in a profession that relates to my degree
worked as a waitress
worked as a bartender
worked as a file clerk

worked as an office manager
worked as a wood shop assistant
worked as a customer service representative
worked as a hotel night auditor
worked in a summer-camp kitchen as a cook

sold Avon
painted faces for profit at an arts & crafts festival
attended a Renaissance Festival
attended a Celtic Festival
went camping on the Buffalo River in Arkansas

went camping under the stars (no tent)
went hiking
shot a .22 pistol and rifle
shot a 9mm pistol
shot a bow and arrow

rode a horse
rode a goat
rode a dog
gathered fresh eggs from a chicken yard
picked produce from my grandparents' garden

101 in 1001: #2 "make a list of Things I Can Do"
E is for Elf
Play trumpet
Play french horn
Drive a stick-shift
Create a basic webpage using HTML

Label things
Edit English papers for spelling and grammatical errors
Create a 3D model using SketchUp

Create a set of construction documents using AutoCAD
Climb a 20-foot ladder
Clean out a vacuum cleaner
Cook some yummy dinners
Make peanut butter fudge

Make pepper jelly
Paint happy little cheek-designs on kids' faces (and some adults)
Adjust digital photographs using Photoshop
Catch feral and half-feral kittens and tame them enough to be petted/held
Build a proper fire

Bathe a cat without getting scratched or bitten
Be spontaneous (occasionally)
File papers
Create paperclip jewelry
Create ninja stars using exacto blades and tape dots

Hit someone across the room with a rubberband
Ignore the voices in my head, even when they're being perfectly reasonable
Kick ass at Tekken/Mortal Kombat/Soul Caliber
Take forever on games such as Final Fantasy/Star Ocean
Rake my yard

Clean out my car
Go grocery shopping without assistance
Document a building and/or building site fairly accurately
Climb a tree
Read an entire book in one sitting

Write extremely neatly
Put someone in a wristlock
Sell garage sale items for more than some people think they're worth
Design a house from scratch
Chop down shrubbery

Mow the lawn with a push mower
Navigate New Orleans without freaking out or getting lost
Lift heavy boxes without assistance
Paint a room
Find lost or misplaced things when someone else is looking for them

E is for Elf
Ever wanted to make your very own handwriting into a font? Well then check out this place! It's really awesome!


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